Scientific Programme

Theme: Periocular transitions

Programme Highlights

1Early division of cutler beard flap following early visual restorationDr Isha Agarwalla
2Bear attack: globe polytraumaDr Arun Mohan Lalge
3Periorbital necrotising fasciitis in immunocompetent adultDr Khushdeep Abhaypal
4Skin graft as a technique for periocular reconstruction following
large tumor excision
Dr Ruju Unadtak
5Beyond the norm- rare cases of Ectropion and Entropion and their surgical correctionDr Sabita Katoch
6Sebaceous cell carcinoma: done and dustedDr Subhav Pershad
7Neoadjuvant chemotherapy in sebaceous gland carcinomaDr Nipun Kumar
8Reconstruction of anophthalmic socket post chemical injuryDr Nitish Arora
9Every tissue matters in chemical injury of eyelidDr Priyanka Sharma
10Influence of location of canalicular laceration on surgical outcomeDr Rajneesh Dhiman
11Tackling triple trouble in single shotDr Shreya Keshari
12Bridge the Gap: Cutler-Beard flap for lid reconstructionDr Divya Srivastava
13Implant Retained Orbital prosthesis: A novel reconstructive approachDr Vikas Gupta
1Post traumatic painful cicatrix release and repair by wedge resectionDr Padma Thinlass
2Mirroring the lid share classicDr Subhav Preshad
3Bilateral telecanthus repair in a case of BPES with C-U plastyDr Kavita Poonia
4Aesthetic Rehabilitation in lagophthalmos associated with Facial
Dr Aditi Grewal
5Ocular neurofibromatosis management: surgical successDr Khushdeep Abhaypal
6Reverse modified Hughes procedure for the reconstruction of extensive full-thickness defect of the upper eyelidDr Shebin Salim
7Role of RF vaporization in management of eyelid nevusDr Ruju Unadtak
8Glue to the rescue towards excision of retention cystDr Sonal Yadav
9Role of bleomycin injection therapy in the management of VLMDr Farnaz Khan
10Fixing the pillar with plateDr Namita Kumari
11Orbital Volume Reconstruction with Dermis fat graftDr Shalini Kumari
12The approach of reconstructing a contracted socketDr Ashwitha Alva
15 MinKeynote Address: “Unfolding the indications and technique of
skin-cartilage graft in eyelid deformities”
Dr Neelam Pushker
6+1 MinSurgical strategies for reconstruction of Tessier’s lid defectDr Kasturi Bhattacharjee
6+1 MinMedial canthal laxity: challenges and way aheadDr Rajat D Maheshwari
6+1 MinComplex eyelid reconstructions involving the canthi for eyelid tumorsDr Aditi Watve
6+1 MinFacial reanimation surgery in facial nerve palsyDr Svati Bansal
6+1 MinLower eyelid traumatic retractionDr Raman Mittal
6+1 MinZ-Plasty for lower lid reconstruction, infrequently used TechniqueDr Praveen Mongre
6+1 MinRole of AI in eyelidDr Sonia Phulke
6+1 MinManagement of CryptophthalmosDr Ruchi Goel
6+1 MinManagement of medial eyelid lacerations with canalicular injuriesDr Sabin Sahu
6+1 MinScar Modulation and Surgical management of Cicatricial EctropionDr Urmil Chawla
6+1 MinTurkish delight – A novel technique of post trauma nasal reconstructionDr Kirthi Koka
6+1 MinA stitch in time saves nine – posterior lamellar tarsorrhaphyDr Sahil Aggarwal
6+1 MinFull thickness skin grafts- most viable option for Cicatricial ectropionDr Manpreet Singh
6+1 MinTraumatic upper eyelid loss reconstructionDr Nidhi Pandey
6+1 MinFull thickness eyelid excision with reconstruction for localized ectropionDr Pankaj Gupta
6+1 MinBone graft for orbital reconstruction – saviour of tough timeDr Mukesh Sharma
6+1 MinRehabilitation of an irradiated exenterated socketDr Ruchi Goel
6+1 MinSocket reconstruction using amnio-chorion graftDr Raj Anand
6+1 MinSocket management in microphthalmia with cystDr Nidhi Pandey
6+1 MinBimanual approach for orbital fracturesDr Aditi Grewal
6+1 MinRecent advances in orbital reconstructionDr Nripen Gaur
6+1 MinOrbital-Sinus Foreign Body Management: Challenges and StrategiesDr Manu Saini
6+1 MinRehabilitation of simple to complex ocular DefectsDr Bhavita Wadhwa
6+1 MinRehabilitation of facial defects: Past present and futureDr Sudhir Bhandari
6+1 MinRetrobulbar fat injection in enophthalmosDr Usha Singh
1Innovative Approach for Canalicular Tear Repair utilizing 24G Intravenous cannula in a paediatric patientDr Divyanshi Jain
2Intraoperative surprize management during reconstruction of an eyelid sebaceous gland carcinomaDr Elika
3C-U plasty and medical canthal plicationDr Nitish Arora
4Complication of eyelid reconstructionDr Shalini Kumari
5Traumatic globe luxation: a multifactorial case analysis case presentationDr Archeesha
6Eyelid reconstruction in a case of near complete upper eyelid defectDr Prerana Patil
7Polyether ether ketone (peek) implant- to the rescueDr Priyanka Saini
8A modified technique of traumatic telecanthus repairDr Ruhi Jange
9Eyelid reconstruction in a burnt injury case with full thickness skin graftDr Shalini Kumari
10Savoir-faire of fricke`s forehead flap for lower eyelid and canthal defectDr Sonal Yadav
11Reverse Hughes procedure for the reconstruction of a full thickness upper eyelid defectDr Ashwitha Alva
12Corrective frontalis suspension with fascia lata for severe ptosisDr Khushdeep Abhaypal
13Lid reconstruction in a case of Periorbital Necrotizing FasciitisDr Nisha Rungta
14Ectropion Correction in facial nerve palsyDr Nitish Arora
15Anything anywhere: bilateral accidental orbital traumaDr Anjali Gupta
16Brow sparing orbital exenterationDr Asma Bashir
17Reconstructive design for lower eyelidDr Niraj Kumar Yadav
18Unusual pencil tip injuryDr Grisilda Nongrem
19Novel Tenzel ModificationDr Vivek Singh
20The Hi-brow taleDr Ruhi Jange